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Skyline Lodge

Butler the Bear

Skyline Lodge was built in the 1930s by a student and friend of Frank Lloyd Wright. Because of this influence, the lodge has a distinct Mid Century Modern style. My illustrations evoke the classic styles from Mid Century Modern cartoons and advertising, and add a fun and whimsical mascot to the brand. 

You will find “Butler” the bear in various locations in the Lodge, including on their website, on umbrellas, on t-shirts, and on signage, among other things. 

Below features “Butler” engaging in different activities throughout the Lodge.

Skyline Lodge is located in the Smokey Mountains in Highlands, North Carolina. This area offers beautiful views and hiking opportunities.

Hiking Map
Map of Downtown

Thanksgiving Shirt

Christmas Shirt

In addition to the “Butler” and map illustrations, I created two architectural Lodge illustrations. These were used for branding and promotional material.